We specialize in performing professional alpine works. Our employees are highly qualified specialists using modern and certified equipment adapted to different needs.

We operate mainly in the telecommunications industry providing services to mobile network operators. In recent years, our company has specialized in the modernization and integration of cellular telephony base stations.

One of the main elements of our activity is the modernization of base stations.
Thanks to the experience of our employees and the use of modern equipment
we are able to carry out modernization quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact of work on customer satisfaction.

We carry out modernization works consisting of:
- exchanging devices and transmitters,
- extension and reconstruction of antenna masts,
- exchange of cabling and optimization of data flow,

In addition, we perform basic integration activities:

- Integration of UMTS LTE GSM systems
- Monitoring, management and verification of the correct operation of network elements using the U2000 platform (Huawei),
- Changing telecommunications infrastructure parameters and configuring new network nodes.